What is Homeopathy?

How Can It Help Me?

“There have been two great revelations in my life: The first was bepop, the second was homeopathy.”

― Dizzy Gillespie, Great Jazz Musician


Homeopathy has been around for over 200 years and has become one of the most widely used forms of medicine in the world today. People choose homeopathy because, as a system of medicine, it is safe, effective and treats them as unique individuals.

Homeopathic philosophy maintains that everyone has an innate capacity, a vital force, responsible for the orderly and harmonious running of the body. The vital force coordinates the immune system’s defence against disease.   Should the vital force become disturbed by factors such as stress, environmental conditions, poor diet or trauma, a state of “dis-ease” follows. The body becomes  off balance, with the vital force and immune system struggling to restore order.

To heal the “dis-ease”, the discerning homeopath will look at the whole array of symptoms presented: mental, emotional and physical. Working from the homeopathic principle that ‘like cures like”, (if something is able to cause dis-ease it also has the potential to relieve it) the homeopath will select a remedy that best represents the whole symptom picture. The correctly-chosen remedy will then provoke a healing response from the vital force, thereby providing the momentum required for the body and its immune system to restore balance and return the body to a state of health.

To illustrate, if a healthy person cuts an onion, often their eyes will water and their nose will run.  This is a simple homeopathic picture for the remedy made from onion; Allium Cepa.  If a client arrives in clinic complaining of hay fever with watering eyes and a clear running nose, then prescribed in dilute homeopathic doses, the remedy ‘Allium Cepa’ has the ability to provoke the vital force to overcome the dis-ease and relieve the physical symptoms .

Homeopathic remedies are produced from natural substances by homeopathic pharmacies and are manufactured according to strict pharmacological methods. Remedies are safe, non-toxic and have no side effects.

There are several ways homeopathy can be of help to you.

In a First Aid situation: Remedies are excellent for use in situations where there is pain and trauma after a minor injury. A common example would be the use of Arnica for bumps and bruises. Arnica reduces inflammation and helps to facilitate the dispersal of blood from a trauma site, thus minimising bruising.

Acute illnesses: Such as sore throats, diarrhea or hangovers.  A well-chosen remedy can reduce the healing time from such self-limiting illnesses. Nux Vomica is a great remedy for that Sunday morning hangover.  The nausea, headache and swimming sensation responds well to this remedy.

Chronic conditions: Exist when a disease process has been in situ for a long time and has progressed from an acute illness into a deeper level of disease.  For example, a sore throat and cold that has not resolved and descended further in to the body manifesting as repeat chest infections. Homeopathy has a lot to offer in such situations. This level of treatment requires evaluation not only of the symptoms of the chest but most importantly the symptoms of the person as a whole: physical, mental and emotional. A homeopath has the experience and training to be able to provide the objectivity required to understand the collective symptoms and prescribe remedies based on this evaluation.

Overall Health: Homeopathy can also be used to promote general health. The homeopathic approach prevents illness by encouraging a healthier, stronger constitution. There is a common saying in homeopathic practice that “You are only as strong as your weakest organ”. For example, you may be generally well and do not suffer from the common winter ailments but, if there is a stomach bug around, it can render you low with nausea, vomiting and prolonged weakness after the acute illness. Homeopathy understands that, although generally healthy, a weak stomach is what will cause the system to weaken.  Remedies are therefore prescribed to support the stomach, digestive tract and liver to help lift the baseline of health so that when stomach bugs are encountered by the immune system, it can adapt to the attack and respond appropriately.

Further information on the history and philosophy of homeopathy can be found at the website of The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths


She is the lady who gave me my voice back


Age 6. Stammering

Homeopathy has been vital to me over the last 10 years. It has enabled me to maintain my health through midlife and also to deal with the acute issues that I have faced. Having a longterm relationship with my homeopath, Sheila, is in itself therapeutic and has provided continuity of treatment throughout this time.


I have sought homeopathic support for both myself and my children over several years for various issues from acute tonsillitis to deep emotional issues and cancer.  It has been an incredibly positive experience during this time and has either had an impact on symptoms or helped to move things along. It has also always felt to be a supportive experience and I shall continue to seek Sheila’s wise and empathic counsel in the years to come.


Homeopathy helped me enormously throughout my time in the menopause and in finding my true self, wonderful!  I’m still now taking remedies.

When asked to describe the benefits of a homeopathic consultation I like to think in terms of a ship looking for a safe port. It may well be that life is challenging, full of change and feels hard to navigate from day to day.  Just as a ship shelters from a storm, sitting with a homeopath offers you respite and gives you time to reflect on what it is that is causing you the greatest dis-ease.  In such cases, whilst attending to any accompanying physical complaints, I would also be prescribing remedies for the overriding emotional state.

It is hugely empowering to know that there are remedies for all states of the emotion; be it, anger, anxiety, grief, jealousy or simply feeling overwhelmed by life’s challenges. Homeopathic remedies have a beautiful way of helping to gently transform such emotions into positive actions allowing the whole self to realign and return to balance.   At this point, as with the ship, you may wish to set sail on the rest of your journey and live your life, navigating with renewed energy and confidence.  This is perfectly acceptable, especially when you know you can revisit that safe space should you feel the need.

Homeopathy is not about a lifelong commitment to medication.  Homeopathy is about using as little as is needed to affect the greatest change and to allow you to live a vital, fulfilled life, full of purpose and creativity.